Owners of gasoline and diesel cars choose gas stations with high-quality fuel, worrying about the reliable and long-term operation of the engine.

Owners of electric cars do not worry about fuel. They are concerned about the service life of the battery.

We are the first to use a national innovative development in electromechanics capable of regulating the battery charging power. As a result of careful treatment, it will last longer.

So, from an exotic purchase, an electric car turns into a reliable and economical partner.

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Ukraine is actively continuing the expansion of not only the fleet of electric cars, of which there are already more than 37,000 units, but also the expansion of the infrastructure of electric gas stations. This is related both to the economy of operation and to the preservation of the environment, reduction of harmful emissions and ensuring the ecology of the future generation. In addition, it additionally motivates drivers to choose electric vehicles. We believe that Ukraine can do it! And we are doing it already today...

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